Set List

1. Crackerman (S.T.P.)

2. Man In A Box (Alice in Chains)

3. Plush (S.T.P.)

4. Like A Stone (Chris Cornell/Audioslave)

5. Would (Alice in Chains)

6. Black (Pearl Jam)

7. Fell On Black Days (SoundGarden)

8. Alive (Pearl Jam)

9. Come As You Are (Nirvana)

10. In Bloom (Nirvana)

11. Evenflow (Pearl Jam)

12. No Excuses (Alice in Chains)

13. Big Empty (S.T.P.)

14. Be Yourself (Chris Cornell/Audioslave)

15. All apologies  (Nirvana)

16. Dead And Bloated (S.T.P.)

17. Bleed The Freak (Alice in Chains)

18. Interstate Love Song (S.T.P.)

19. Wicked Garden (S.T.P.)

20. Rooster (Alice in Chains)

21. Sex Type Thing (S.T.P.)

22. Them Bones (Alice in Chains)

23. Vasoline (S.T.P.)

24. Down In A Hole (Alice in Chains)

25. Outshined  (SoundGarden)

26. Nutshell (Alice in Chains)

27. My Hero (Foo Fighters) 

28. Sober (Tool)  

29. Porch (Pearl Jam) 

30. Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana)

31. Dam That River (Alice in Chains)

32. Cochise (Chris Cornell/Audioslave) 

33. Nearly lost you (Screaming Trees)

34. Ever long (Foo Fighters)

35. Trippin on a hole in a paper heart  (S.T.P.)

36. Corduroy (Pearl Jam)

37.  Aneurysm  (Nirvana)


38. Spoonman (SoundGarden)

39. Angry Chair (Alice in Chains)

40. Dumb (Nirvana)

41. Sirens (Pearl Jam)

42.   The Day I Tried To Live (SoundGarden)

43. Drift & Die (Puddle of Mudd) 

44. Yellow Ledbetter  (Pearl Jam)

45. Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town (Pearl Jam)

46. Junkhead (Alice in Chains)

47. Pretty Noose  (SoundGarden)

48. Say hello to heaven (Temple of the dogs)

49. Dissident    (Pearl Jam)

50. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)

51. River of Deciet (Mad Season)

52. Immortality (Pearl Jam)

53. Rape Me (Nirvana)

 54. My Wave (SoundGarden)